Types of Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests and Where to Get Screened

What Are the Different Types of Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests?


At our practice, we regularly provide prenatal genetic screening to expectant parents. These tests are generally quick, painless, and provide important information about your growing baby. Are you wondering what types of prenatal genetic screening tests are typically performed? We will describe below what to expect from prenatal genetic screening.

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What is the Purpose of Prenatal Screening Tests?


Prenatal screening lets parents-to-be know if their baby has a chance of developing certain genetic disorders. There are many disorders that are possible for a baby to inherit from their parents, including cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, and sickle cell disease. Usually, both parents must carry the same gene in order to affect the health of the fetus.

Types of Prenatal Screening Tests: Carrier Screening


In a carrier screening, both parents are tested to find out if their genes could cause genetic disorders in their children. This test is usually performed with a cheek swab or blood sample, before or during pregnancy.

Types of Prenatal Screening Tests: First Trimester Screening

When? 10-13 weeks into pregnancy.

What? A blood test of the pregnant mother, and an ultrasound exam called a nuchal translucency screening.

Why? An abnormal measurement of the space at the back of the fetus’s neck at this point in pregnancy means there is an increased risk of aneuploidy, such as Down syndrome, as well as physical defects of the skeleton, heart and abdominal wall. The blood test measures the level of two substances in the blood.

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Types of Prenatal Screening Tests: Second Trimester Screening

When? 15-22 weeks into pregnancy.

What? A “quadruple” blood test measuring four substances in the blood of the pregnant mother, and an ultrasound (performed between 18 and 20 weeks of pregnancy).

Why? The blood test screens for Down syndrome, neural tube defects, and trisomy 18. The ultrasound checks for physical defects of heart, brain, spine, limbs, abdomen, and facial features.


Combined First and Second Trimester Screening


The results of the types of prenatal screening tests described above can be combined to provide the most accurate results. Final results will usually not be available until after testing in the second trimester.


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