Twin vs Single Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Learn the Differences Between Twin vs Single Pregnancy


According to the pregnancy website, multiple births are multiplying, with the number of twin births jumping 75% in the past 30 years. Today, there are about 33 sets of twins per 1,000 births. Nearly 4 per cent of births in the US result in multiples, with 95% of multiple births being twin births. While 4 per cent may not seem high, there are a number of factors that can increase your odds of giving birth to twins. This is a great reason to research the differences between twin vs single pregnancy — so you can be prepared for whatever nature has in store for you.


Keep reading to learn more about twin vs single pregnancy. If you are ready to conceive, or have already conceived and are seeking the best prenatal care in Broward County, you can make an appointment at NuWave Women’s Health in Pembroke Pines. Dr. James Duerkes takes a compassionate, modern approach to every aspect of women’s health care, including pregnancy and delivery. He is known for his ability to listen well, give expert advice, honor the parents’ wishes, and ensure a smooth, safe pregnancy and delivery.

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Twin vs Single Pregnancy: Similarities and Differences


The likelihood of becoming pregnant with twins is higher if you (the mother):


  • Have twins on your own side of the family

  • Have given birth to twins before

  • Are older than 35

  • Have been pregnant before

  • Have undergone fertility treatments

  • Are overweight and/or tall


In a twin pregnancy, the mother is carrying two fetuses instead of one (a singleton). Two fetuses means increased hormone levels, which can have an impact on many aspects of pregnancy. You may experience increased nausea, fatigue and swelling when you are pregnant with twins as opposed to a singleton. You will also gain more weight — approximately 20% more — than if you were pregnant with a singleton.


If you are pregnant with twins, you are at higher risk for certain pregnancy complications. Preterm labor, preeclampsia, hypertension, and gestational diabetes are all more likely when you have a twin vs single pregnancy.


Choose a Great Provider for Your Twin or Singleton Pregnancy Care


Due to all these factors, it is especially important to choose a great provider for pregnancy care when you are pregnant with twins. You may need more frequent visits with your obstetrician if you are pregnant with twins, and more screening and testing to ensure that the pregnancy progresses safely. At NuWave Women’s Health, we are committed to providing the best obstetric and gynecologic care — the kind of women’s health care that has not always been available. Our practice centers the patient, their needs and preferences. Dr. Duerkes will take every step to educate you on the choices available to you throughout pregnancy and the risks and benefits associated with them. When it comes to twin vs single pregnancy, you will be in good hands with Dr. James Duerkes, DO, FACOG.


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Dr. Duerkes was drawn to Obstetrics & Gynecology because it is a specialty that includes multiple aspects of medicine, including office preventative care, surgery, and internal medicine. He was also drawn to the unique relationship between doctor and patient that comes with providing gynecologic and pregnancy care. Read Dr. Duerkes’s full bio here.

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