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Learn the Purposes of a Pregnancy Ultrasound


The pregnancy ultrasound is well documented in movies and television as an aspect of being pregnant. But what is the purpose of a pregnancy ultrasound, when should you get one, and what does it feel like? These are some of the questions you may have about pregnancy ultrasounds if you are already pregnant, or if you may become pregnant.


A pregnancy ultrasound is just one part of the total prenatal care picture. At NuWave Women’s Health in Miramar, we provide ultrasounds, as well as total obstetrical care — from conception to postpartum. Keep reading to learn about what to expect from a pregnancy ultrasound. Then make an appointment at NuWave Women’s Health, where we take a modern approach to women’s health care. At our practice, you will receive compassionate care, with the utmost respect for your decisions, questions, health needs, and your time.

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What is a Pregnancy Ultrasound?


An ultrasound is a common test given to pregnant women. During an ultrasound, sound waves produce a picture of the growing fetus in the womb. This image helps your OBGYN to evaluate and monitor your baby’s health and development. As your pregnancy progresses, you may be able to see your baby’s head, arms, legs, hands, feet, and genitalia. A pregnancy ultrasound is one way to determine your baby’s sex, if you want to know it ahead of time!


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Some women get an early ultrasound before 14 weeks of pregnancy. Most women will get an ultrasound at 16 to 20 weeks. Make an appointment with Dr. Duerkes to discuss the right time for you to get an ultrasound!

What Happens During an Ultrasound?


The most common type of pregnancy ultrasound is a transabdominal ultrasound. While you are lying on your back on an exam table, your doctor will apply a thin layer of gel to your abdomen. They will then slide an instrument called a transducer across your belly.  This procedure usually takes about 20 minutes, and is typically painless. It is best to have a full bladder for the procedure, which can feel uncomfortable for some women. The reason for this is that the transducer’s sound waves travel better through liquid, resulting in a more accurate image of your baby.

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Patient Testimonial: Daniela

“I cannot begin to describe how amazing Dr. Duerkes is. I have been seeing him since I was 18 am I am now 25, he has delivered all 3 of my beautiful kiddos! I really think I was a complicated patient with lots of concerns and questions and regardless the problems I had he was always there to call me and guide me through anything. I have lots of love for him, I cannot thank him enough for delivering all 3 of my complicated pregnancies!!! Also my family was delighted by him, you could truly tell he cares about you and your baby. Thank you so much for everything!!  We need more doctors like him !” - Daniela C. on Google Reviews

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What patients are saying about dr.duerkes:

Dr. Duerkes came highly recommended during my pregnancy and after meeting him at my first prenatal visit I knew for sure I was in good hands. He has wonderful bedside manners, he's kind and compassionate and most importantly to me, I love that he takes the time to learn about me and my concerns to better care for me. His entire team from the girls at the front desk as well as his partner are all professional and friendly. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Duerkes was drawn to Obstetrics & Gynecology because it is a specialty that includes multiple aspects of medicine, including office preventative care, surgery, and internal medicine. He was also drawn to the unique relationship between doctor and patient that comes with providing gynecologic and pregnancy care. Read Dr. Duerkes’s full bio here.

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