Benefits of Umbilical Cord Blood and Delayed Cord Clamping

Learn About the Benefits of Umbilical Cord Blood and Why We Offer Umbilical Cord Blood Collection


At our practice, we are committed to a modern approach to obstetrics and gynecology. That means offering umbilical cord blood collection and delayed cord clamping to those who want these elements to be a part of their birth plan. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of umbilical cord blood and why you might choose to bank it. You will also learn about pros and cons of delayed cord clamping.


If you are pregnant or trying to conceive and want to learn more about these topics, make an appointment at NuWave Women’s Health. As your obstetrician, Dr. James Duerkes, DO, FACOG will be pleased to educate you on the benefits and risks of every choice there is to make throughout the intricate journey of pregnancy and birth.

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What are the Benefits of Umbilical Cord Blood Collection?


Umbilical cord blood is packed with valuable stem cells. Stem cells can be used to treat a variety of serious conditions including cancer, anemia, and immune system disorders. Additional benefits of umbilical cord blood are that it is easier to collect and higher in stem cells than bone marrow, another source of stem cells. Umbilical cord blood cells rarely carry infectious disease and are much less likely to be rejected than adult stem cells.


When the umbilical cord is clamped after birth, your doctor can use a needle to collect blood from the cord. This blood is sealed and sent to a lab for testing and storage until it is needed.


To learn more about the benefits of umbilical cord blood, make an appointment with Dr. Duerkes.

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We Also Offer Delayed Cord Clamping


The World Health Organization recommends that the umbilical cord not be clamped earlier than necessary. Immediate cord clamping is not recommended except in emergency situations such as asphyxiation. Delayed cord clamping allows for more blood to transfer to the baby from the placenta, increasing the child’s blood volume by up to one third.

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Reviews of Pregnancy Care with Dr. Duerkes


“Dr. Duerkes is the best obgyn ever!! He is such an amazing Dr as well as a wonderful person. I went to him for my second pregnancy and I had such a wonderful experience it felt more like going to see a friend than a Dr he genuinely cares about you. He is very knowledgeable and he was such a calming presence during my labor and delivery as soon as he walked in the room I knew everything would be all right. I recommend him to everyone I know!” - Sara on Google Reviews


“Dr. Duerkes was INCREDIBLE!!! He saved my daughters and my life by knowing that at 39 wks and 3 days my blood pressure was astronomically dangerous out of nowhere. He calmly told my husband and I to head to the hospital for “monitoring” .. little did I know my placenta had abrupted and we needed to have immediate emergency c-section. I am SO grateful to him and honestly will go to him again next pregnancy. He’s the best!!” - Ellie on Google Reviews

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What patients are saying about dr.duerkes:

Dr. Duerkes came highly recommended during my pregnancy and after meeting him at my first prenatal visit I knew for sure I was in good hands. He has wonderful bedside manners, he's kind and compassionate and most importantly to me, I love that he takes the time to learn about me and my concerns to better care for me. His entire team from the girls at the front desk as well as his partner are all professional and friendly. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Duerkes was drawn to Obstetrics & Gynecology because it is a specialty that includes multiple aspects of medicine, including office preventative care, surgery, and internal medicine. He was also drawn to the unique relationship between doctor and patient that comes with providing gynecologic and pregnancy care. Read Dr. Duerkes’s full bio here.

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