Antenatal Screening: Common Questions, Answered

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At NuWave Women’s Health, antenatal screening is part of the total obstetrical care we provide. If you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, antenatal screening can determine whether your future child is at high risk of a disorder. This is important information for potential parents and expectant parents to have. At our practice, Dr. James Duerkes, DO, FACOG provides antenatal testing and all obstetrical care with utmost compassion and respect for the parents’ questions, needs and desires. For a refreshing obstetrical care experience, choose Dr. James Duerkes and NuWave Women’s Health in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

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What is Antenatal Screening?


Also known as antenatal testing, prenatal testing, or prenatal screening, antenatal screening is the process of identifying whether or not your future child is at high risk of developing a disorder. This is distinct from prenatal diagnosis, which determines whether or not a disorder is definitely present. If, through antenatal screening, you are determined to be at high risk of a disorder, you will be offered the option of undergoing prenatal diagnosis. Prenatal diagnosis procedures are more invasive than antenatal testing, and carry a risk of miscarriage. For this reason, not everyone chooses prenatal diagnosis.


Screening tests principally screen for the following disorders: Down’s syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and Cystic Fibrosis. The screening tests for Down’s syndrome can detect additional disorders. Some of these disorders can be corrected with surgery; others lead to disability or death.

Do I Need Antenatal Testing?


Your doctor can help you determine whether antenatal testing is right for you. It is important to choose a doctor you trust for the sensitive and intimate journey of pregnancy. Dr. James Duerkes is a top-rated ob-gyn in Broward County, who regularly receives enthusiastic reviews from past and current patients for his uniquely personable and compassionate approach to prenatal care.

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Patient Testimonial: Delivery with Dr. Duerkes


“Dr. Duerkes delivered my son as an on call Doctor. As a first-time mom I was a little nervous especially about having someone I really didn’t know deliver my son at 36 weeks,  but Dr. Duerkes was awesome , very caring and make me feel comfortable. He did an amazing job. He had an excellent attitude and care about his patients.My husband and I are very grateful for the great work the Dr. did. My delivery went very well and today we are happy to have our prince with us. Thank you Dr. Duerkes for your good work!! I highly recommend him if you want someone that genuinely cares for his patients.” - Viviana Castillo on Google Reviews

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What patients are saying about dr.duerkes:

Dr. Duerkes came highly recommended during my pregnancy and after meeting him at my first prenatal visit I knew for sure I was in good hands. He has wonderful bedside manners, he's kind and compassionate and most importantly to me, I love that he takes the time to learn about me and my concerns to better care for me. His entire team from the girls at the front desk as well as his partner are all professional and friendly. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Duerkes was drawn to Obstetrics & Gynecology because it is a specialty that includes multiple aspects of medicine, including office preventative care, surgery, and internal medicine. He was also drawn to the unique relationship between doctor and patient that comes with providing gynecologic and pregnancy care. Read Dr. Duerkes’s full bio here.

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